"Place All orders at Market" option disabled for multi leg orders in Sensibull

When i try to create a multi leg options strategy in Sensibull and place the order. The “Place All orders at Market” options is disabled and i have to place limit order for each leg. why is it disabled any idea?

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I wrote to them many a times on the same @sensibull apparently their “small team” is “so called” working on it, and will keep on working on it cause it’s a “small profitable venture”, so in short nothing is gonna happen (even for orbis zerodha clients with no OI restrictions) so just use zerodha basket order instead.

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@Sensibull could you please clarify.

I Guess this option is available only for LITE/PRO users, can someone confirm it. @Sensibull .

Hey Satish,

It is blocked regardless of the plan. What we are doing is we will give you an option to allow all orders at market. Orbis users can check this option, and the orders will go through

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Sorry about this @AnshumanSharma

We are planning to take this up soon

This is how it will happen. In the basket order page, we will add a checkbox under the place all orders at market button that allows the button to be active. Once you click on it, we will warn the user that it is allowed only for Orbis users. Your choice will be remembered and if you check it on, we will allow market orders


@Sensibull What about 5paisa users? Do we have any option to enable it.?

Thanku so much @sensibull really appreciate you guys looking into this matter and helping us orbis zerodha traders. Do it asap as sensibull is one of the best platforms to be able to use basket orders. .so waiting for the change.

Hi @sensibull while you are at it solving our problems, here is one more, SEBI has come up with single order limit of 1200, can you come up with a solution that when we enter more quantity than it automatically breaks into multiple orders of 1200, example if someone needs to buy say 2400 quantity and he punches in that quantity can you on the final order page automatically make it in 2 orders of 1200. If not automatic than atleast give an option to create multiple orders of the same option, example like in zerodha bracket order we can put in say two 35500 CE of 1200 quantity and it treats them as separate orders.
Please try and resolve.

@sensibull Is it done yet, the feature update that was promised for the zerodha orbis clients to bypass OI based rejections. Kindly keep us posted so we can join back.