Place conditional orderes in Coin?

I see that there is an option to place a SIP order for MFs in Coin and also we can increase investment percentage over the period. But right now there is no way you can put conditional orders there.
Like if the NAV price hits a certain value purchase X percent of the units, something like that.
@nithin Would that be possible to introduce?

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We had spoken about this internally. @Bhuvan do you remember why we decided not to go ahead?

After all the research we did, we concluded most investors are better of investing through an SIP and no try to do something else. Also, in the long run, buying when the fund falls or index is down etc, doesn’t really add much value. If you are investing for 15-20 years and if you continue to invest through a SIP, you will anyway accumulate units at various prices. So it’s best to keep this simple.

Thanks for you quick response @nithin and @Bhuvan