Placing a limit orders

If i place buy limit order for a price which is higher then LTP i may get filled with limit price or best price below it.

But what if i want to place limit order at price higher then LTP an want to get filled only at that limit price & not any better price.

If i use SL limit order then my order gets triggered only when that trigger price comes & that decreases my chances to get into order book in advance.

Even it doesn’t guarantee to get filled at that limit price in volatile market.

Am I missing something or is there any way to enter order book in advance at price which is away from LTP on higher side ??


You are right and there is no other way to be able to do what you are trying. You can either use SL or SL-M order. SL triggers a limit order when the trigger price is met and SL-M triggers a market order when trigger is met. No other way to be able to buy at a price above the market price.

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