Placing GTT order

lets assume that i have to buy reliance @ 2000 and now the CMP is 2215 , i dont know when will reliance come to 2000 , may be this week or next week or next month it might come to 2000

  1. now if i place gtt order to buy Reliance , will my money get blocked? bcoz in that time maybe there are other potential stocks that i want to buy

  2. if my money doesnt get blocked then how many gtt orders can i place

  3. to buy 10 shares of reliance @ 2000 there has to be 20k in my account , but , if for some reason i have 15k in my trading account then will it buy maybe 6-7 shares although i have placed an order for 10 shares ? or the whole gtt order is cancelled

Funds aren’t blocked when you create GTT order, funds will be blocked only once the GTT is triggered.

You can place a maximum of 50 GTT orders.

Your order is for 10 shares. Once the GTT is triggered, if you don’t have enough funds to buy quantity specified by you (10), the order will be rejected.

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this works best when the product type is CNC , can i do the same for intraday with leverage?@ShubhS9

No, GTT can only be used for CNC/NRML product type.

how about amo? for intraday with leverage? @ShubhS9
will my fund get blocked?

Yes, funds will be blocked once orders are sent to the exchange.

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how about futures ? for gtt ?
do i get margin benefit for overnight positions ? or gtt works only in cash market?

help me with this :- if i place an AMO order , assume long position eg:- if i want to buy reliance @2000 so i place a limit order @2000 then if next day price gaps up @2020 or higher, will my order get executed @2020?

also is there any way where can i put all orders (entry ,exit , sl, tp )of one stock after closing of market (sort of AMO , PMO) where my funds will not get blocked and also i get margin benefit for overnight positions or should i go for full service brokers ?

You can place GTT order for F&O as well. Didn’t get the margin benefit part.

It won’t, limit order will execute at the price you’ve specified or a better price, ie. 2000 or lower.

You can place an AMO entry order and place Target and Stoploss separately using GTT OCO or you can place a GTT entry order and place Target and Stoploss separately using GTT OCO.

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i mean to buy 1 lot (250 shares) of Reliance in futures , approx. 1,15,000 fund is needed
or it will calculate as 250*2000 = 5,00,000

For taking Futures position you’ll need margin, not contract value. You can calculate the margin requirements here.

Introducing GTT – Good Till Triggered orders – Z-Connect by Zerodha Z-Connect by Zerodha , in this article they are only allowing gtt for nifty and bank nifty futures only ,
so kind of confusing ? we dont get gtt for equity futures ? or the article to which i am referring is out dated

GTT option is available for Index futures & options as well as stock options & futures. The feature is also extended to include Nifty and Bank Nifty futures and options.

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do gtt get trigger in pre market?