Placing T-Bill Bids from Zerodha Coin

If I place T-Bill bid from Zerodha Coin, do I have to pay any additional charges or fees? (i.e. any amount in addition to what I pay if I place a bid on NSEgoBid or RBI retail direct)

Hey @Shiv_Katira,
Brokerage will be applicable. The brokerage charge to invest in G-sec through Coin is 0.06%, i.e. ₹6 for every ₹10,000 + 18% GST on the total brokerage incurred.

You can visit Support Portal for such queries

Thank you @Tharun_Iyer_M

As far as I know brokerage is applicable only on the secondary market transactions while placing a bid for treasury bill is the primary market transection. I am not 100% sure but correct me if I am wrong.

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It depends on the broker who provides the non-competitive bidding. At Zerodha we do charge a brokerage for non-competitive bidding. If you purchase from the secondary market, normal exchange charges will be applicable, that you can check on the charges screen on the kite UI.

Thank you @Neelesh for the clarification.

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