Please add colour variation option for Value Area in Volume Profile

Just want to request that if possible can you guys please add different colours option in volume profile like charts in tradingview to indicate the 70% Value Areas, VAH & VAL zones. That would be quiet helpful for us along with a great addition to the kite platform.

We should have the option to switch to tradingview charts on Kite soon. Don’t think this change can be made on the current charts which are powered by chartiq.


We found the comfort in the current charting system,please don’t delete it, adding option is ok but don’t delete it.

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Thanks that will be a really great addition to kite platform :slight_smile:

Well if tradingview is integrated into zerodha or vice versa that will be great. If option to trade thru tradingview by using zerodha a/c is possible then please add that as well. It will take some load off from the zerodha servers.

Great! Tradingview option from Kite would be a fantastic value addition. Way to go Nithin!! Looking forward to this…


Apologies if it sound silly, but can you please tell me how you got volume profile on the chart. I tried searching the Indicators tab on kite but it is not available there.

Thanks in advance

  1. Make sure ChartIq option is selected in your profile
  2. Open a chart and go to Inidicators
  3. Select Volume Profile

Thanks a lot Dheeraj, much appreciated.