Please explain this cons of UPL share


What should be minimum promoter holding?
Why profitable companies do not pay taxes.

Promoter holding don’t matters the profit what a share making. Many other stocks with low/ no promoters holding give decent returns

If promoter have been selling shares it means they are not confident about their business which is not a good sign. I guess around 60 to 70% is optimum. Very high promoter holding means very low free shares or float in the market so will be high in demand so prices may be unreasonably high (ex: dmart).

You are right if you look for long term perspective if the fundamental of the stock is good.
But not always , see banking stocks like icici promoter holding is nearly zero. But the stock had give decent returns over the time.
And see NHPC govt as a promoter holds 75 % share but this stock never touched its IPO price after listing.

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