Please help screening the below-

please help screening the below-
i want to know which LIQUID stocks have an INSIDE BAR pattern on daily timeframe. How can I find? Please guide. Thanks

Well, if liquid stocks had an inside bar, I would be the first one to enter it. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a more serious note, I hope someone knows the answer to this.

Would this screener help?

Also check this if you are the bear :smiley:

3 Likes is a site which lets you screen patterns EOD if that helps

1 Like . The free screener(Free fatafat stock screener) here has NR4, NR7 and other types of screeners.They are quite useful

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See LUPIN on 10-8-17 and 11-8-17. Check and let us know what you find? Sadly you will only realise that you were not the first one to enter it and you were in a false assumption that a luquid stock cannot have an inside bar. Stop wasting your time on assumption and start analysing charts. If you still can’t do that stop posting here as everyone wants genuine answers and not some random ‘assumption’ based answers.