Please implement a much needed SHOW/HIDE button next to P&L column

Many will agree that having an open position and watching the P&L move up and down creates temptation in the mind of the trader to take action (either book whatever is green or fear of losing more than whatever is in red).

Can Zerodha provide a solution to this by implementing a SHOW/HIDE button right next to P&L column which the trader can use to hide the greenery or blood which seriously affects the trader’s behavior?

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If you can bear to see red then you shouldn’t be trading. :slight_smile:

Although hide/show option not available with position with p&L display in zerodha but sort wrt profit/loss is available…by sorting in profit , the high profit stocks will show on upper portion and loss making stocks will go downwards…thereby helping one to keep eye on profit making stocks at a time…