Please post your Risk management strategy?

I’ve stopped using stop loss since they are highly manipulated and recently found that trading with full value seemed like a better option , but now the lot size is very small and if your gone wrong , your stuck in a wrong trade, maybe for a very long time

3rd option is to hedge with an ITM call / put , thereby limiting exposure

I have not been able to take many good trades where I was absolutely correct only because I have not yet arrived at a logical risk management concept …

Can everyone please post how they manage risk incase the trade goes bad ?

I buy ITM options for trading. So max I will risk is the premium amount.

I trade in very liquid Nifty options. So my slippage risk is very low.

I place Pre set SLM orders every day so that my position entries and exits get fired even if I am not in front of the screen, there are tech side issues at my end, broker end etc. So my execution risk is relatively low.

I maintain enough capital to keep my trading drawdowns less than 30%. So my account blow out risk is also quite low.