Please provide a filter in kite to hide bonds

Hi team,

Can you please add a filter on holding screen of kite application (not console) to filter out just equities, currently it shows everything in holding (equities,bonds, sgb, etc) that makes it difficult to know actual daily change in holding by each asset type (during market sessions).

as the price movement in bonds, SGB, F&O is different from equity, it makes it difficult for investors to check how equity is performing on certain day.

Thanks in advance.

@nithin @faisr


What we are planning to do is to feed live feeds on Console holdings page. That way all the analytics on Console is available live.

Hi, this filter is needed. I have 4 different SGBs and 1 Gsec in my folio and it always makes my focus away from stocks, while I check for the values of the stocks on kite. Obviously not a high priority thing but certainly needed.



Earlier when I used to tap on “Kite” filter it would hide the SGB but apparently now it doesn’t work. Also, it would be great if ETFs (Niftybees etc) could be filtered out.

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Kite filter for bonds will be very useful. all the SGB and PSU bond instruments are cluttering the page and distracting from the focus on stocks. i too request for a “Stocks only” filter option in kite. Trading will be more user friendly.

I know many people who want this feature but do know of this place to come and discuss and request new features.