Please share 52 week high break out strategy

create an intraday 52-week high breakout strategy using 5-minute candles
Conditions : if any stock breakout 52- week high, buy

Stop loss: .5% Target :1%

Also request to use some technical indicator for better result

@Vasu_patel … Please help.

Hi @Rasack_tk

Kindly note that you cannot derive 52 weeks high when the base timeframe of the strategy is 5mins. This is because, if the base timeframe is set as 5 minutes, the data fetched will be of 90 days. The lookback period depends on the base timeframe of your strategy/scanner.

The lookback period for timeframes is as follows:
1 min candle interval = 30 days
3-30 min candle interval = 90 days
1 hour candle interval = 365 days
A day candle interval = 5 years

Refer to the following link to learn about this in detail - Create (Basic) - Streak Help

Due to the above reason, currently, your strategy condition cannot be created in Streak with the 5mins timeframe. However, as a workaround, you can create a scanner on a daily timeframe and keep the alert frequency as 5mins and this shall work fine.

Below I have shared a scanner with the condition that will scan for stocks crossing above the 52-week high on the daily timeframe. You can take this scanner live and keep the alert frequency as 5mins. When you do this, the system will auto-run your scanner every 5mins and give you an alert if any stocks are crossing above the 52-week high.

Click on the below link to view the scanner condition.

Once you get the results, you can either directly buy from the scanner results or if you want to provide SL and TP to your position you can transfer the desired stock into a strategy (learn how to do this) and add the condition - Close(0) higher than 0 and keep the base timeframe as 1min to get an entry alert in 1min after the strategy is deployed.

Hope this helps.

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