Please share how you manage your watchlists in KITE

I am having difficulty in managing the watchlists in KITE as to which shares to add in the watchlist, when you remove it and when you add new ones, could you share your best practices in managing the watchlists and I am sure it will help a lot of our community.


The only watchlist management I do right now sir is I delete stocks from the watchlist if it currently has no relevance to me. Or if I’d like to know only the eod price, then I move it to another watchlist. I have only 3 active watchlists - one for intraday information and the other two has stocks that I’m following. So two watchlists are still free.

Where exactly do you find difficulty in managing the watchlist?

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I add stocks based on my analysis, but then find it difficult to remove them because of FOMO. And when I see too many stocks, get distracted

So it’s a tradeoff between FOMO and distraction.

Having lesser and more relevant stocks gives you more clarity when you are entering a trade. I’m sure you don’t want to compromise on that. Maybe you could prioritize your watchlists according to relevance. And only continuously monitor the watchlist with most relevance.
Don’t worry about FOMO, it’s an illusion. You could probably take a sneak peak of the other lists every hour or so.


@Srinivas Thank you for providing your views.

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Yes sir some how it’s difficult we can not arrange them in our style…A separate app which are present on android store will be helpful

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Dear Mr Jadhav

Good evening and greetings for the day

U can create watch list up to 20 numbers in each watch list such watch list 5 different folders can be created of your choice
U can create bank nifty stocks as first watch list
Similarly metal as second group and third as fmcg
And IT companies
Nifty 50 stocks are best of the lot and are blue chip companies
Pls select these scripts u can have decent movement of stocks in those sectors
To add or delete press on particular stock u will have delete cursor n left hand side press on that it gets deleted and new stock can be added to the same area
Hope this will answer your querie

Thanks and regards
Suresh Ramaiah


Good Morning @SURESH_RAMAIAH. Sure, that helps, thank you.

Have a good day. HAPPY TRADING.

Dear Mr Jadhav
Pls what’s up your number will send screen shots of scripts under watch list , followed by me

Best Regards
Suresh Ramaiah