Please suggest some scrips for starting options trading

Hello Friends,

I want to start options trading by putting small amounts of money. Please suggest some scrips where
I can put small amounts of money to start options trading.


You are looking for a Options lottery. Put small amounts and expect to win big.

It is OTM options that are priced at small amounts of money.

-“Again, do not buy OTMs because they are cheap lotteries. Lotteries are cheap for a reason. And that reason is that most of them never work out.”

So, If your asking for scripts for options that means you have little knowledge about options or may be you just want to try and learn while trading. But go through basics with the options that will make you comfortable in choosing which script (segment) u want to trade and capital requirements , potential losses. There’s a lot of helpful videos and resources available with out absolute no cost. Below are few.

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Whichever scripts are more volatile, it depends from time to time

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Bank nifty weekly options
Nifty weekly options

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