Pledge Liquid Fund

I am new to this pledging and now confused. Need your help
I have 6lakh rupess ONLY in liquid fund. When i pledge it for selling OTM PUT option of stocks and it becomes ITM, in this case should i need to unpledge to take delivery or Zerodha will settle from the pledged fund?
In this case will they charge any penalty?

Will not get settled from collateral you recieved from pledged Liquid Fund, you need to have free cash in your account to take delivery of shares, failing to do so will result in your account going in debit balance and there will be interest charged at 0.05% per day on the debit balance.

When your account goes in debit balance you are required to bring in funds, failing to do so, the shares you have received from physical delivery will be sold to the extent of debit balance you have.