Pledge Status - Overdue?

What does it means when the pledge status is shown as “Overdue” in the pledge history page?

Hi @aftab_ahmed

The status “Overdue” is shown in cases where shares that are pledged are under lock-in or not yet delivered to Demat (T1 shares)

Can you please DM me your ID? Will get it checked with the team

Sorry to bother you. But how do I DM you? I don’t see any option here.

Ah. No issues. You can ping your ID here itself in reply. I’ll note and delete your message

Pledge Status overdue. Why is it showing the same way?

Hi @Vishal_Jain2 @aftab_ahmed

Can you please create a ticket at ? and share the ticket number here - The team said that they would like to know more details about the query.