Pledged holding with quantity

Hi Team, Earlier, pledged holdings were not visible in Kite Holdings and now that is available. But quantity is set to 0 and there is P:Qty. It makes impossible to track the portfolio movement on a day basis and I have to rely on 3rd party platforms to know my daily portfolio changes.

How difficult it would be to include the actual quantity but highlight that it is pledged by including the P like it is done now, but without the quantity. If someone has pledged only partial quantity, say 50 out of 200. Then populate Qty as 200 (like any other unpledged stock) but keep P:50 (to denote 50 is pledged). This way, no one has to use any other platform and can easily track the portfolio in Kite itself.

I’m not sure why this is still not done unless there are any restrictions due to regulations on pledged share. Can someone respond on this?

Not just this, now Zerodha has integration with a new portal Tijori Finance and I have BSE which can’t be pledged. So when I shared my Zerodha portfolio, only this unpledged share is listed as my holdings with 100%, which is wrong

@ ShubhS9 Can you please check and respond?

We’re working on showing P&L and Current investment values for pledged shares on Kite. For now, you can check Console holdings to check the P&L. Also, if you didn’t know, Console holdings page shows the LTP of the holdings, not the previous closing price.

Will check this with the team and get back to you on it.

This is really frustrating to not a proper view for Holding post pledging the stocks.

Using console is not an option as by default it loads all the MFs, Equities and everything and now we have to first open an mweb view for console then change the filter to set it only quity to see a similar holdings view.

Can we have separate view for the pledged stocks keep the holding section as is?