Pledged mutual fund not showing in demat /cams account statement

i have pledged some liquid mutual funds for margin in zerodha, on the account statement page of mutual fund i could see that mutual fund has moved to other folio and no longer available in my demat account. can you please clarify

  1. why it is moved out from my folio ?
  2. Under whose account is the folio allotted now?
  3. what is the NSE advice to investors regarding POA in the below recent news ? and how my mutual fund units are safe In zerodha with regards to the news article.

The units will move out of your demat account and are pledged with the NSE’s Clearing Corporation (NCL)

Nithin has clarified on this post

The units are held in the ‘Collateral Account’ and a lien is marked to NCL. This is in line with these regulations of the Exchange.

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@A_K_RAGHAVENDRAN If you have received Transaction With Holding Statement after pledging then you might find you mutual fund qty transferred client to CDSL Client collateral account. The demat account for collateral pleding details are in the below screenshot.

@VenuMadhav It will good if zerodha add support article with details in that how Securities of Clients handled when pledged

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