Pledging govt securities in zerodha for margin


Can we pledge govt securities in zerodha such as treasury bills or govt bonds for margin.

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Hey @Prateek_Gupta

Presently we do not allow pledging of Gsecs, but we are working on enabling pledging soon.

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When can we expect of margin on gsecs would be available


Is the pledging of Gsec enabled , as of today ? If not, any tentative timelines ?


Not as today, can’t provide exact time but we are working on this, will announce once we come up with this.


Siva, On one other post Nithin mentioned that GSec is now available for pledging. Can you provide us more on this?


This will be available soon once inter depository transfer is allowed for gsecs.


@siva Is there a proposal in place to allow inter-depository transfer for Gsecs ? Can we as investors/traders do anything to expedite the process viz. through petitions etc. ?


We as a broker also want to this happen ASAP, we are getting answers that it will take a week or two all the times we approach, hope this will be sorted soon.

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eagerly waiting. Hope we can pledge g-secs soon


Any update on this


There is no update on inter depository settlement yet. We are waiting for this restriction to be lifted first.

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Can you guys give an estimate of margins, the we can expect to see in future for g-sec if everything goes well.


hi @Nandha207 does this mean we can now use gsec to collect the margin? i thought zerodha is yet to provide this feature. thanks.