Pledging Limit reached for LIQUIDCASE

LIQUIDCASE has reached the ‘limit’ for Zerodha users!

This makes it a difficult choice to park funds in Liquid ETF and use them as margins to trade.

For Zerodha Fund House it is a loss, fresh funds will go to its competitor ETF.

Funds AUM growth will be affected.

This limit is from the clearing corporation. This has been increased and the new limits will be applicable from April 1st.

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Surprisingly, I was able to pledge LIQUIDCASE the they after.

Thank you.

There is no option to pledge😥

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Keep trying…

Hey, you should be able to pledge in the next 30 minutes.

Sadly doesn’t work till
Now. My margins are blocked, to morrow I will shift to Liquidbeees anyway!!!

Hi, can you DM me your Client ID? Will get this checked.

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Sent DM. Please help me out!!

Checking this.

Had replied on another post of yours. Shares in T1 holdings cannot be pledged today since it’s a settlement holiday.

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