Pledging mutual funds

Anyway I don’t want to convince you but if big writers were affected by the withdrawal of mutual funds as pledging option then there would be a big rucuss but I don’t notice any of that.

By option i mean here a feature

Just 4 persons out of 60 Lakh active client base of zerodha.

Yeah. Big option writers don’t even pledge anything I believe. They directly use cash. Because by pledging there would be a haircut of around 10 percent. They would want to use even those funds.

Example lets say somebody has pledged money market funds which give a return of 5 percent. Since haircut is 10percent and you get back 90 percent of the funds, 5 percent pa effectively comes to 50 percent.

If an option writer can generate better returns he wouldn’t want to pledge such funds.

And then there are writers like me. I target around 25 percent per annum. So I prefer buying such funds and then pledging them.

Yes, the big ones won’t be using discount brokers. They might even have exchange membership.


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I don’t understand why Zerodha is not replying anything. I think they’ll face huge backlash once they annouce this.

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Upstox sent a mail saying that there are changes brought in Mutual Fund but didn’t mention anything about pledging. Just said that we’ll block all mutual fund redemption for 2 days.

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As of now I don’t think there is any change for zerodha clients. Otherwise they would have informed us by now. But I would still prefer a clarification on the same.


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BTW I can see that several mods have come online and commented on different threads but they’re totally ignoring the thread about mutual funds pledging. I wonder what’s going on.

I’m also wondering about it. Not one word. Not one comment from Zerodha staff about it.

On the bird app, they are saying no changes, but no’s replying on this forum, which is strange considering the Zerodha folks here would probably be knowing more than the folks handling their twitter account…