Pledging of G-Sec for Margin

I used to buy G-secs and pledge them for trading. One of the G-sec I bought has never been added to the pledge list yet. How long it will take for the bodies to allow for Pledging. ISIN IN0020220029. Any one know ? any one does have answer for this ?

This G-Sec is not yet approved for pledging by the Clearing Corporation. You will be able to pledge once approved by CC, the list of approved securities is updated by CC every month. You can check all the securities approved here:

Hi I am planning to invest in upcoming issue of G-Sec and plegde it for margin.

Approximately how long will it take for clearing corporation to approve it for pledging.

Also though some light on difference between investing in GILT MFs vs G-Sec

New gsecs are available for pledging from the next calendar month. However most of the gsecs are follow up issues and are available for pledging from day 1.

It’s akin to the difference between an MF and an individual stock. Gilt funds are actively managed MFs comprising primarily of gsecs.

From the taxation point of view if some one in 30% slab which is better

With the recent changes in the debt fund taxation, the only difference now is that with Gilt MFs, you can control when to realise profits (when you sell them in profit). With gsecs, the coupons are paid every 6 months which are taxable. In both the cases, you’ll be taxed as per your income slab (30%).

Ok thanks. How to select between Fixed maturity mutual fund vs non fixed maturity.
So if I choose Fixed maturity, at Maturity the investment will be realized automatically?

How to choose between these 2 options given the interest rate expectation in future.

Like I have a view that interest rates are near peak in current scenario and i expect rates to go down in next 2-3 years. By buying Fixed maturity plan now with a expected return of say 6.7-7% , the investment locks the return?