PNL on option selling

Today banknifty nov 31000 PE opened at 199.90 I have couple of questions regarding PNL , appreciate if someone responds to it.

  1. Assume I sold 1 lot at 199.90 and kept SL at 210 and my SL triggers what would be my PNL?

  2. Assume I sold 1 lot at 199.90 and did a buy at 40 to cover it what would be my PNL?


This can help -


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Hi Rohan…I am trying to find PNL based on price. That link gives details on charges.

In the F&O Options Tab, enter your entry/exit price, and in quantity, the number of units. i.e. if 1 lot = 1200, then enter 1200.


oh…Rohan thank u very much…i thought buy and sell are also quantity. Now got it, its entry exit point…thanks once again

Rohan also do u know if I short and dont cover in intraday for option, I can carry the short position right?

You can if you have enough margin. Also go through varsity before trading in options as your questions seems very basic.

Your profits will always be (Sell price - Buy price)*Qty traded. If Sell-Buy is a negative number, you’ve booked a loss. As Siva’s said, please go through the various option modules available on Varsity to get a deeper understanding of concepts.

thanks Siva, sure.