PODCAST : Interview of Nithin Kamath by The Ranveer Show

Hello Traders,

I’ve just completed watching both the episodes of Zerodha CEO Nithin’s Podcast Interview and I’d suggest you all also should listen/watch this in your free time in weekend! You’ll learn a lot on Psychology, mindset, finance, and his story as well!

This will change how you look at the world in general and if you listen closely, he’ve talked about what you should do and don’t do if if you’re new to trading.

If you learn something or grow in someway after watching the podcast, please give this post a like :heart: so that i can know that you’ve seen it and i was able to help you in someway. :smile:

Episode 1 :

The Success Story Of Zerodha’s SMART Business Journey ft. @nithin Kamath

Episode 2 :

Nithin Kamath On Personal Finance, Stock Markets And Entrepreneurship Hacks


yeah, at the end he said that he was skeptical if people would actually watch such long videos, but the videos are like these… many would prefer watching such content instead of wasting time on stupid movies and shows.

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Same brother, that’s why i thought it’d be good if i share here and out of lakhs of people, even 10-20 people will spend time on this if that impacts their trading in some ways, it’ll be a great time spent for them instead of wasting on something else this weekend!

Thanks for sharing good video like this .

The point which i liked in this whole conversation is about KARMA. If you give good you will get good if you give bad you will get bad.


I’m glad that you liked it! Yeah that KARMA concept he follows to the core!

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Hi everyone, this comment was a sarcastic to show where our youths are getting interest. Instead of watching some worthy videos these guys wasting time on useless debates.

I thought it was awesome. Trading, entrepreneurship what you give , what you take, what you live with all topped up with nice practical wisdom.

@nithin thanks

One of the lessons that I am trying to assimilate after listening to it is about not risking more than what one can afford to lose (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFnTWSYQnyY&t=3976)

@nithin any plans to create podcast on clubhouse ?

On clubhouse, it can only be live and no recording and replaying allowed?

I think Zerodha should organize one session (and more) on clubhouse for tradingqna folks. We’ve been reading each others’ words so far. It would be great to hear the voices (and rants). :wink:


Replaying is not allowed but its live and you can allowed anyone to share their thoughts.

Its like live trading QnA. Moderators can start room and allowed others to speak as well. You don’t have to be online in every meeting.

Yeah our ears are waiting to hear Nithin sir’s clam voice…

You’re sounding like a little girl having a crush on someone. :smiley:

Yes please try to make it possible

@siva @nithin

It was really brilliant piece. Just in case, anybody want to listen to audio only…