Points to ponder before Mutual Fund investments


I am keen to invest on mutual funds across the asset classes for 7 years period-targeting the investment goal. Could you please guide me on the points to be reviewed on fact sheet before considering the mutual fund investments?

Some of them could be, AUM, Fund manager performance(how to check this?), risk-o-meter, past returns on both bear and bull market, redemption rate(how to check this?) etc?

Could you please help me on other points to be noted? Thank you.


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This module on Varsity will help you understand more about mutual funds, do check it out :slightly_smiling_face:

Please ask your team to include the module on ‘Personal Finance’ in the app as well. Its been pending for months.

Mutual funds and their expected returns vary depending upon the type of investment you do, like interest on bonds, stocks and assets. For the concept of AUM, it is one of the features that evaluates the company’s performance that you are investing in. Its movement represents the cash movements and value of the company.

Investing in mutual funds is certainly one of the best ways to build a good amount of money over the years. But here are a few points to consider before investing in them.
Proper planning is essential so that one can accordingly deal with the expenses

The timing factor is crucial and investing in mutual funds is all about discipline as well as practice

Consider the net asset value or NAV

Finally, consider the ways to invest like buying directly from the fund houses, or get it from the distributors, financial planners, or through funds

Happy investing in mutual funds!