POLL: Are you subscribing to Astron Paper IPO?

Are you subscribing to the Astron Paper and board mills IPO?

  • Yes
  • No

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Are you subscribing @mac76?

Oh! Haha…sorry I forgot to vote :joy::joy:

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@mac76 @raheel265 Any reason for not subscribing ? what r your views on this IPO ?

@Ravi_Dixit I think it will open with discount price on listing day, may take more time to make profits.

Yes! It will be available at a cheaper price after listing.

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Apply dil kholke eyes closed… Grey market premium is at 30-40… It will open at high on listing price, easy 2-3k money.

@mac76 @raheel265 @ 3:30PM issue subscribed by 130 times …still same recommendation ?
As per me, only reason to skip this IPO is that you won’t get enough shares so profit wont be that much even after awesome listing.

Issue size - â‚ą70 Crores
Bids Received - ₹16874 Crores… crazy investors :slight_smile:

The reason to skip this IPO is the possibility of purchasing the stock at lower prices after few days.

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Let it be 200 times, I am not interested to apply :slight_smile:

I agree with this…

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