Portfolio Backtest

Guys i’m trying to create a portfolio and check it’s performance compared to nifty over the period of say 10 or 15 years
portfolio like
infosys - 5 %
hdfc bank -5% etc ( for 20-25 stocks)
What i’m asking is there any software where i can check it’s performance compared to nifty through chart
and secondly by changing the portfolio allocation (changing say infosys to 10%)
Manually checking 20-25 stocks can be difficult .

If you have pine coding skills you can custom code for this application at in.tradigview.com

Also PC based softwares like Amibroker can do portfolio backtesting if you can feed the data into the software.

Both options look difficult , no other way right ?

Try Trendlyne. I use it. There is a tabl called compare price, you can select various companies and the graph will depict its price movements.

I hope this helps.


I think I have seen this before, but it is giving some default names and Nifty, but not the option to add stocks of our own, so I guess this does not suit his requirement.

Do you want to invest or just want to do an exercise of how the returns have been till now?

yes i want to check how the returns have been if i picked them

Ok, but there is a limitation to the exercise. One or two sectors which were present 10 years ago may have been out of Nifty now, even if they are those sectors weight may have got changed. In other words, Nifty 10 years ago may not be the same as the Nifty of today. I think weight of financial sector increased over time, even IT, and some PSUs may have been removed. So you can check this aspect.

You can also select the company of your choice, there is a pop up which ask you to select the name of the company. You type in the name and select the company. By default it will show companies in the same industry which you can choose.

Wipro was my main chart and I chose Hindustan Unilever and Indian Energy exchange and the graph came out ok. Cant be more divergent than this.

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