Portfolio backtesting website!

Hey guys,
Do any of you know a good Indian site for backtesting portfolios? I found two sites Portfolio Backtesting - Backtest your Investment Ideas and https://www.finverse.in/ but the Tradebrains doesn’t have import feature and finverse is having sign up error so I assume they’re not active.

Any site out there like traderains that also has import feature?

LOL, you can do this with simple excel.

you don’t need any website or crazy tool for backtesting a portfolio of stocks.

Hi @vipul_rathaur

You can do this by creating a strategy in Streak. To make you understand it better, I have created one sample strategy and have added a few stocks. I have a basket created of these stocks so it becomes easy for me to add them to my strategy and scanner in one click. Refer to the following link to learn how you can create a basket of your portfolio stocks - Technicals - Streak Help

Strategy to backtest portfolio stocks -

In this strategy I have mentioned the entry condition as close(0) higher than 0, what this will do is it will take entry whenever a candle closes and the close value of the candle is higher than 0 (which is true for all stocks). And I have kept the backtesting period as 18th June 2017 to 16th June 2022 (5 years), with SL as 10% and TP as 20%.

Click on the below link to access the strategy that I’ve created. You can copy this strategy into your account and add the stocks that you want to backtest and you can also alter the entry conditions and SL TP levels as per your requirement.

In the above strategy, you will notice that I’ve allotted 50,000 to each stock, this was done with the help of the position sizing feature in Streak. You can alter that as per your capital allocation, however, please note that currently, you cannot divide your capital in specific proportions. i.e. for example your capital is 1,00,000 and you want to divide them among 3 stocks in specific proportions, i.e. 20%, 30%, and 50% respectively, then, currently, this cannot be implemented in Streak.

Hope this helps.

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