Portuguese Civil Code under Section 5A

For Goan tax payers the Portuguese Civil code under section 5A is applicable. According to which income of husband & wife should be divided equally and mentioned in the itr after division, except salary.

Now husband has LTCG/STCG of ₹3,30,000 and TDS of around ₹39000 paid for FY20-21.

Wife has F&O loses of around ₹45,000

Interest income is very less and no other income.

So the LTCG/STCG of 3,30,000 is equally divided and each has to mention ₹1,65,000 in ITR? Considering Total income is below exemption limit do we get the refund of ₹39000 paid as TDS?

Appreciate if @Quicko could reply so we can file at the earliest.

Both Resident for current AY