Position sizing in kite

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Is there any any I Can set default quantity in Kite every time I place order?? Suppose I have 1lakh in my account & want to execute trade using only Rs.25000, which is 25% of my capital. so if price of Stock ABC is 500 then by default 50qnt will get execute. So after buying ABC stock I have 75000 left and if want to place 2nd trade in stock XYZ of rs.675 without exiting the first trade then default quantity should be 27 (75000*25%/675).

What if I want to use 25% of 2lakh in 4 trade? in that case above logic will not apply.

so is there any way I can place 4 trade using 1lakh & default quantity will be 25% of my net capital till I am able to use 100% of my capital?.


A default quantity based on net capital or available balance may not be that helpful, as there are numerous scenarios where this auto-fill might not function as anticipated. You’ve outlined one such instance in the preceding paragraph.

Entering the investment amount will fill in the purchase quantity automatically on the order window. This is on our to-do list.

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