Power of Stocks

What are your views on Power of Stocks.

what’s your goal behind posting this?

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Saw some of his videos, it’s good.
But he says that he has made 8lakh or 6lakh per day regularly. Also shows his ledger. But still hard to believe this.

Do you see a solid edge in the system that the vid is showing? If it shows, can you use it? If no then throw it and start seeking your own edge.

Trading is a marathon, it is not about how fast you run, it is how long you can run and stay in the game. For that, you need a “Solid” Edge. Hope you got the answer. TradingQnA is a place for the DNA of edges evolve. Show one if you have.

Happy Trading.

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Hi Ash2,

Subhashis Pani (Power of stocks) has a trading experience of over 5 years. I have been following him since quite a long time. His daily analysis on Banknifty, nifty are quite on point. He has had a drawndawn phase also, but he’s a profitable trader. He has also shared with the audience his Zerodha PnL Reports.

On and on, he can be followed if you want to learn price action based banknifty trading.