PPF account renewal

Can I open a new ppf account after my previous ppf account matured?
Suppose I open a ppf account in 2020, at 2035 it matured and I didn’t extend that ppf account
but after 2035, can I open a new fresh ppf account again?

Did you explicitly close the account though?
Apparently, if one does not explicitly request the closure of the PPF account,
then the default option extends the PPF account without contributions (in blocks of 5 years).

Based on what i have read online,
after closing a PPF account, one can open another PPF account.

However, doing this is not ideal compared to extending an existing PPF account.
The newly opened PPF account will have a lock-in period of 15 years, compared to extending an existing matured PPF account in blocks of 5 years each time.

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Yes, you can open a new account after existing account matures and is closed.