Pre market Gap up/down on Streak?

Hi Guys!! @Streak

I noticed that we can now create a pre-market scanner on streak,
I just needed help on how to create a pre-market gap up/gap down the scanner.

so I want these conditions,
If there is a gap up in any stock, and the second candle on the 5m time frame breaks the high of the gap up and vise versa

Hi @tradeneeti,

You can use the following condition

So scan result today at 4:50 PM were

To demo the results

There was a clear Gapup and breakout today in Bajaj Finance

In BPCL, there was a rally.

However, note that you will receive the notification from the scanner after 1min post 2nd 5min candle completion. This is because we need 1 additional candle after the Nth candle formation.



Thank you @Krishnendu for helping with PreMarket code.