Pre Market Opening-Gap up and Gap down

How to find out the stocks that are about to open gap up or gap down using pre market watch- where or in which website will i find it??.I want to find the stocks that are about to open gap up and gap down.

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@tradehunter The Free Gadbad Stock Screener supports Opening Gap and Fill Screening for FnO Stocks.

Gap up & Gap Down stocks are easy to find & are available almost in the all trading website. but the question is how to find outside gap up & gap down stocks. means the stocks which are opening higher/lower than previous day high/low. also this information is only useful if you find them in between 9.08am & 9.15am to set trading strategies.
any one here?

Just add all scrips on market watch and see % change column after 9.08 am, it will show % change to open price compared to previous day close. As at 9.08 we can come to know opening price for the day based on pre-open session.


@vikash_tiwary wants to screen for TRUE GAPS in 7 minutes, Not sure if market watch is a good choice for this. There are some screeners in the market that does TRUE GAPS Screening during pre-open, but they are not free.

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Thanks dear. Right now I m manually extracting the real gap up & gap down but not satisfied with the result because in 7 min I have to research many thing related to the concern stocks but due to lack of time it’s become impossible. Can you please suggest some paid screener here?

The NSE link in the trail mail above serves the purpose of listing the OPEN price and the %change from prev CLOSE which is sorted on %change

i use this one


Can check this only.

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@siva, @Lakshmikanth_Jadhav, nse premarket only show % change related to previous close not with the previous day high & low. Please go through my question again to know what I m really looking for. Anyway will give a try at fatafat tomorrow at 9.08am to know whether it’s really work or not…Anyway thanks for replying to my query here.