Pre market purchase

I Agree with you.
What you can do is Open one more account with any Other Broker for situation like this.
This is the only option if you have faced this issue many times in Past.

Thanks for ur suggestion. I was also thinking to have a new broker for trading.
If u could suggest me some broker it will be a great help.

Try upstoxx

  1. For Trading I would suggest any Discount Broker. (NO DEMAT)
  2. For Delivery Based I would Suggest ShareKhan. (Very safe to keep Shares in DEMAT)

Best Part About Upstox.
Trader Can Trade from Chart.

Thanks, @Lets_Invest @newguy.
I just want to know, Can I have two trading accounts simultaneously or I’ve to close Zerodha’s account first?
Do we have broker account portability facility to switch broker ( like Bank account, Gas agency)?

You can have as many as you want

Yes, You can have Multiple Accounts.
Even @nithin Have More than 7 Trading Accounts.

Update:- Almost 6.

Just to be sure: one can have multiple trading accounts but NOT with the same broker, right? In other words, I think I can only have 1 trading account with Zerodha.

If yes, I am a little confused by this:

Unless @nithin has accounts with other brokers (which I am guessing will not make much sense :slight_smile:), how does he have 7 accounts ?

He himself explained it, here:

Clarification would be helpful !

Yes, One person can’t have Multiple Trading Account with Same broker.

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I’m just wondering how will I manage IPOs purchasing ie will I get the option to select the Demat account in which I want to add my IPO? (If I’ve more trading account)
And while applying for IPO I’ll be able to file two applications or only one if I have two Demat accounts?

You’ll be allowed to apply only one application Becasue your DEMAT account are snyc to 1 PAN card.
So, it’s very easy to identify for system that how 1 single person have applied multiple applications.

can we place buy stop loss + Normal buy + sell stop loss order at a time for a single script at 9.10 am in Angel Broking?