Pre market scanner on Streak

Hi @Streak,

I came across “Pre market” indicator in scanner this Monday. First of all, amazing to see that you guys have finally give something I have been waiting for so long, and did not find it anywhere.

I build pre-market high breakout scanner for it, and it worked great.

I had few questions though:

  1. When can I get this in strategy,
  2. Will I be able to backtest it.
  3. Will I be able to do calculation on today’s pre market values and yesterday (just being bit greedy, but wanted to know).

But kudo’s for releasing this.


Edit ur questions with @siva and @ShubhS9
They might give a proper ans.

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Hi @TradeRocket,

Yes, we have released the ability to scan on Pre-Market, one of the most requested and powerful features yet, only available on

To answer your questions:

  1. It is coming to strategies by next week.
  2. Pre-Markets cannot be backtested, they can be directly deployed, as backtesting on Pre-market might give no trades happened or just give the last date.
  3. Currently, we only have the same day’s pre-market as historical pre-market data is very hard to get, so we will enable it once we can arrange it.