Pre open buy order

Assume the day’s high of stock X is 100 and closes at 97. If I keep AMO SL order at 100.1 and SL at 100.05 and tomorrow the pre market open is at 102, does my order get executed.

AMO is sent at 9.15 after market opens and not during premarket hours

I see in Zerodha system , AMO orders starts to place by 8.57.37 am in zerodha system ,
i. those orders crossing below / above daily circuit limits rejected at 8.57.37 itself
ii . eligible orders starts to place by 9.00.00 am itself in exchange also .

The link below explains the process well.

Though in the link stating that amo orders are sent at market opening, but im getting exchange order ID at 9.00.00 am itself . Also , if im placing an amo sell order at 100 rs , if pre open price is 102 , then my sell order would be executed at 9.07 0r 9.08 am itself , same for buy .

Yes same in case of AMO buy order. If u keep buy order at 102 and pre-open closes at 100,your buy order will be executed only if it is limit and not SL…

@atulkulkarni , i told for this only , i have seen my amo orders placed at exchange or sometimes executed before 9.15 am .
Yes , im telling about amo limit orders only , if it is sl order then trigger should be hit for execution even it is below your buy price i think .