Pre open market data


How can I download pre open market data for Nifty 50 in excel format at everyday 9.10 am?

Does google sheet support this feature?

Thank you
Sathish Rosario

You can check out Pre-Open Market section on NSE website, you can view all the data there and can also download it in Excel format.

Thank you

How to get Close Price of Specific Date in Google Finanace?

Hello Friends,

How we can get close Price of specific date of different stock in Google finance?

Date Symbole Close Price

09-07-2020 ULTRACEMCO

10-07-2020 TECHM

24-07-2020 ULTRACEMCO

01-09-2020 GODREJCP

02-09-2020 GODREJCP

04-09-2020 ULTRACEMCO

08-09-2020 GODREJCP

09-09-2020 ULTRACEMCO

10-09-2020 GODREJCP

10-09-2020 ULTRACEMCO

11-09-2020 GODREJCP

15-09-2020 ULTRACEMCO

18-09-2020 ULTRACEMCO

22-09-2020 SIEMENS

24-09-2020 SIEMENS

25-09-2020 SIEMENS

25-09-2020 ULTRACEMCO

28-09-2020 ULTRACEMCO

29-09-2020 ULTRACEMCO

01-10-2020 BHARTIARTL

05-10-2020 PETRONET

Steps to download it in Excel Format