Pre open market real time prices

how to check live pre-open market price in kite on real time basis …

During the pre-open market phase, real-time prices are not available for trading. During this phase, which occurs before the regular market session, traders and investors can place orders to buy or sell securities, but no actual trading takes place.

The pre-market phase consists of three phases:

Pre-opening: At this stage, the system receives bids from participants and determines the equilibrium price based on the received bids and sells.

Order Matching: The system matches buy and sell orders to determine the opening price of a security. However, no transactions are executed at this stage.

Buffer period: This stage ensures a smooth transition and entry of orders into the regular trading session. During this time, orders may still be changed or cancelled.

It is important to note that real-time prices for individual securities are not available at the pre-market stage. The opening price of a security is determined based on an order matching process that takes into account the equilibrium price and availability of orders.

To access real-time prices, you need to wait until the regular market session starts. As soon as a normal market session starts, trades are executed and prices are updated in real time based on the transactions taking place on the exchange.