Previous day pivot point is up today pivot point

I want yesterday’s standard pivot R1 higher than Today’s standard R1 Pivot. Please share the scanner

@Streak can you help.

Kindly refer to the below link for the scanner conditions:-

The scanner will fetch results for all stocks with Yesterday’s R1 Pivot level higher than Today’s R1 Pivot level. Similarly, you can create the conditions for other Pivot levels as per your requirement using the similar logic in the above scanner.

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Thanks man

can you please explain why the -2 is selected in the Prev N condition

Current days Pivot points are calculated based on the previous day’s OHLC data. Thus to fetch previous days pivot we have to fetch previous to previous(-2) days OHLC. Thus -2 is selected as the offset in the Prev N function.

You can read more about the Prev N function and the offset functions through the below links-
Prev N- Indicators - Streak Help
Offset- In-depth - Streak Help


Thanks Bro