Price Action Trading

Can someone please share knowledge on Price Action approch in trading.

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Hi @Vaibhav_Joshi1

You should definitely check out these resources. They are a gold mine when it comes to price action trading.

Market life trading is a complete course, which is free and almost as good as Zerodha Varsity.


Thanks @P.A.W.
Yes, I have read multiple times TA by Varasity.
I will read rest links as well. Thanks again!

Is price action is similar to identifying patterns?

The basic gist of it is to understand buying and selling pressure (demand & supply) in the markets and try and place your trades accordingly.


Hi @P.A.W
Approch and checklist provided in Varasity TA is the same approch used in price action.

Can we say Price action And TA are same?

Hey Vaibhav,
If you choose trading as your sole source of income, you MUST read Al Brooks Price Action Trading series… Difficult to read, but if you also watch markets simultaneously, you’ll be amazed…!!! Wish you successful trading…!!!


Sure @SagarG.
Thanks for your suggestions.

can u share the link?

Is Price action approch is maily used in Intraday only ?

Well…its not the same approach per se, because in price action, there’s no concept of using indicators as they’re all derived from price.

But the concept of using the checklist to have multiple confirmations to enter a trade is something that will be applicable here as well.


Price action can definitely be used for positional trades and also timing your entries for trades based on fundamental analysis as well. It depends on how you develop a strategy using the concepts of price action


Ok Thank you @P.A.W for clarifying :slight_smile:

Yes, in Price action we don’t look for indicatora but I think patterns, Volume, Dow Theory, support and Resistance play same role similar to TA. Correct?

In simple words it is just playing the right trade at the right time. That is when the demand is high.

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Okay Thanks @ethanscott

So, price action trading = buy at demand and sell at supply?
Can you explain with an example chart and inferences ?

You can checkout this chapter on Varsity on Support and Resistance.

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Hope all is well.

It would be really kind if you give me the opportunity to just ask what does price action means in trading? Does price action trading really work? How do I learn price action trading?

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Absolutely bro

Price Action really works

Simply put, its the action of price. Deciding your trade decision not using any indicator, but only using the chart, pattern, ranges, levels.

Only nothing really works. So price action trading can’t assure you guaranteed results.

Section 11.3 (step 2 onwards) poora pdho. price action samjhaya hai.