Price adjustment on bonus


If a share cmp is 100, it announces bonus 1:2 /1:1 / 2:1 , how will market is going to adjust price.

After record date when share holders’ll get their bonus share


@Amrut_Sattigeri : IF bonus is 1:2 adjusted price will be 66.65 , if 1:1 it will be 50 and if 2:1 it will be 33.25 on EX day which is 1 trading day before record date,.
Normally bonus shares are credited and listing approved within 4-6 working days after record date . Infosys and Tcs did the same in 2 working days the fastest possible listing .

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@sabkaview please can you explain the calculation?

And my another query is

Record date of a stock which is announced bonus is on may 2nd and ex date is on 30th April . I bought shares on 26th April, [today 29/4/19 market is off & 1st may also] am I able to get those bonus


Bonus ,rights ,split and even dividend if it is 5% or more than the traded price get adjusted exactly in proportion on ex day of trading and applicable circuit if any apply on this adjusted price . if bonus is 1: 2 means 100 shares purchased at closing of last cum bonus trade for 10000 will become 150 hence 10000/150 =66.65 an so on.
Record date for bonus of Foods and inns is 02 April so last date to purchase with bonus was 26 April as april 27/28/29 and May 01 are holiday.
your purchase of 26 April SHALL must and will give you bonus .

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Today trading window is close . Even though it’s closed, I can get shares in to my demat a/c by tomorrow. As per T+2
Is it ?


@sabkaview on ex bonus day how share market price will get corrected in Listing (not avg price in my a/c) ? Can I get in detailed


A company After allotment of bonus , can I cell all those share immediately?


Trading window is never closed for you and me but only close company circles /employees during corporate action . the shares will be credited as per t plus 2 .
i did not understand your second query .if it mean in your account books , you have to do it manually .
Bonus and rights require listing approval of exchanges after allotment . you have to wait couple of days before the same is granted .



In security holdings my shares are held under unsettled receivable. When Can I get those shares under my a/c ?

Am asking because, I purchased it on 26th April and yesterday there was no exchanges of shares so I thought it’s holiday due to election was held in Maharashtra . SO can I get shares under my demat a/c before record date?=


shares purchased from bse/nse on 26 April are due for credit to buyers demat on evening of 02 April as per t plus 2. if the record date is 02 April as in case of 2:1 bonus of Foods and Inns you shall get bonus .


@sabkaview Thank you