Price Alerts / Pop up?

Does Zerodha has a feature that gives Price Alert Popup (with SOUND) and also the same through SMS / Email… these days its important more than ever…


Price alert exclusively for day trading?

There is GTT for taking delivery, where we get email, which can also be used for stocks for day trading.

GTT requires us to place orders… whereas a discretionary trader like me needs to place trades based on few conditions once receiving price confirmation…

Is there a feature in Zerodha kite?

I dont know about kite but may be on Streak

Yes, GTT for buying.

I don’t know what exists for day trading.

You can set alerts on Kite, whenever these are triggered, you’ll get a notification on the Kite app and web as well as email on your registered email ID. You can check the process for setting alerts here: What are Kite alerts and how to use them?

I use trading view for this purpose.

Managed to create few Alerts… lets say after few weeks I want to create a New Alert but want to see if an Alert is already existing… Now where do I see all Alerts ?

You can check all the alerts in the Orders > Alerts section on the Kite web and under the Tools tab on the app.

Yes, you can set alert on kite app(conditions when current market price is equals to/greater than/lower than your triggered price).
It will provide in app notifications/alert like all other apps in your mobile device.
It will use your default notification sound that set in your mobile device.