Price dint reach SL but position got squared off

Hi Traders ,

Today one of my position got squared off in between SL and target it caused loss for me.
there was 3 points difference to SL but order got squared off.please help me in this I want to know whats the reason behind this. It got squared off @ 1PM.
@Matti please advise in this.

Yup, I read it there. and script was Tata global, it is in range of 270 and 3 points difference is lot .even during high volatility it is too big difference …if it is 0.2, .05 or 1 points okay but its big difference…am just confused.

Can you share exact prices and time
Screenshot of order book

A trade would never be executed if the price isn’t available on the exchange.

Bro check the statement sent by nse to you. If the square off price mentioned is same as you have put then the price has definitely reached to your stoploss level.