Price is Everything


Are there any traders here who are fans/followers of the “Price is Everything” thread of forexfactory? Just wanted to connect and discuss any discoveries or findings as a community here.


Volume nt price


It’s not a statement, it’s the name of the thread in forexfactory which was almost a legend once!


Ya got it bt why u want to run after d thread with no logic


Why no logic? You might not be aware of its history. Anyways, whether it’s price or volume, the importance comes from the perspective from which the market is being looked at. Both could be potent elements depending on the strategy at hand.


Yeah i’ve been on Red’s forum for many years now… Its the mother of many other threads which all got inspired from Red’s PiE… His method is clear cut and uses multiple time frames to pick setups… The way he draws trendline is also helpful at time as it can pick some really strong reversals…


Seeing the response, most folks here seem to be unaware of the PIE thread. I was fortunate to have known it some years ago, have tried to decode many of Red’ and IF’s posts. Would be happy to discuss with you in private. He was a true master of price action. Unfortunately trolls have done lot of damage to that priceless discuss there. Hope Red comes back one day and revives the thread. Who knows!!

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No logic ! Buddy, you have no idea what you are mocking. :grinning:


Link to the thread?


Volume + price is everything


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In fact i used to visit Read the Market regularly when it was still visible to public. Now its a paid only membership site.

But i learned some core price action principle. Esp from people like LesPaul, DrSwing, Pedini and of course IF… Amazing insight into how price behaves between zones, how price fails to return after breaking a zone, how institutions stage the whole fakeout play, engulf and many many more.

Its a sad thing that none of these people are posting in open forums today ( cause they gone totally proprietary ) but it was a glorious time back then when the forums were alive and thriving with regular trade journals and analysis and comments. A person could learn all about price action just by reading the posts in those forums.

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An old chart which i saved a long long time ago… for good… its a crucial diagram for people who knows what they are looking for and wants deeper insight


Nice, you learnt from the Originals! They are all legends. We can revive the discussion with our own charts here. Except the advanced form of target based QM, I think rest aren’t proprietary if I am not wrong. Let’s discuss and create our own legendary thread here, what say?


Great to meet another PiE follower. Sure we can discuss in private, but may I say that if you aren’t comfortable in revealing your discoveries in public which is understandable, you can still post charts and discuss here?

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We can discuss all the concepts here thats no issue. Afterall its price action only.

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Good one! It has quite a few parts of the PA puzzle. Cheers!

I found a different flavour of the blue FTR1 working quite remarkably in our Indian scripts, have tried to explain it here with an example.


Some of major PA that took place on Icici bank. Have marked only the major ones.



@ManishAstral @iSTFF
The first DZ FTR was missed since it just touched the zone and shot up without any confirmation PA, the QM was as sweet one although the strong gap up into the zone did rattle me for a while but confirmation PA came two days later. The SZ FTR was a no brainer with clear PA on LTF asking to be shorted!


The words of the legend himself!

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