Price ladder/tape

Does any broker/terminal in India provide a Price ladder in this form either in desktop/mobile app Paid/free any?


The Trades section i.e the volume is updated based on a hit/time basis.
If this is not provided by any broker/service what would it take to develop one in terms of data cost?

You can uses volume profile if interested in GUI

I also searched for it but cannot find anything.
I know You are talking about “time and sales” data it is very crucial for day trading.
But if you find any broker in india for this please let me know too.

fyers… but does not have the ask, bid trades…

These are the current ask/bid or volume?

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Not volume. It is a DOM. so ask/bid.

This can be found on most of the terminals also these are pretty useless as much of the dom is spoofed today. :frowning:

True… only diff. is it is in DOM format. DOM as is pretty use less. With algos running orders can disappear in micro secs… Jigsaw tool or bookmap is what he would require.