Price manipulation in.Pankaj piyush stock



These are just some people, who have been made examples off but there are countless others who go unpunished. There are hundreds probably thousands of share in which artificial price manipulation is going on, typically the low volume share with low public float.

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fine of rs 5 lakh each to six entities for price manipulation in stock market ! is it a joke ? must have made trillions ,many innocent investors must have suffered , many cheats learned new ways !


Well SEBI itself seems to be a big joke or rather bunch of incompetent jokers, how else can an regulator let go NSE for such a huge scam for a small penalty.
The ones who are supposed to protect minority investors interest are totally useless



Modus operandi with diagram explained in above order


Price manipulations are prohibited by the law, but still there are companies who are thinking that they can get away with it. Unfortunately, some of them do, but when they are publicly disclosed, they fully lose confidence of investors. So, it is eventually lose game