Price War in brokerage - Discount VS Traditional Broker

Recently all bank brokers are converted to discount broker

Kotak securities recently reduced dramatically brokerage charge as 20 per order , advise are free , margin funding , any shortage of amount they can help through bank funding for three days funding amount lots more and more
all are just 20 rupees per order

INtraday trades are absolutely free

ZEBU - 18 Per order
axis -20 per order
kotak - 20 per order
icici- 20 per order diffrent plan available
sharekhan lite - 10 per order launching on feb 2021
PAYTM money 10 per order
and so on

Zerodha need to reduce to 10 rupees per order , or monthly plan we need

As i understand more and more brokers will enter this field of zero brokerage /low brokerage as no of active clients is the KEY . whole world of money is available for use / taking leverages for brokers , before you place the order wherein to clearing house broker is required to pay on T PLUS 2 basis .

JUNE 2020 …As said by Zerodha :::We are around 30 lakh customers now, of which active customers are around 18 lakh to 19 lakh. In terms of trading volumes—we look at it in a number of trades—we are averaging 50 to 60 lakh trades daily.

kotak have descend clients and through paytm already 1 lakh clients is invested in stock though the client adding in PAYtm is fast , recent interview in business standard