Privacy question about using Kite login for Smallcase

Kite login is used to logging into Smallcase. when doing so we are giving these permissions to Small case

  • Access holdings and positions portfolio
  • View your account balance and margins
  • Place, modify, and cancel orders

What concerns me is the first one “Access holdings and positions portfolio”, does that mean people at smallcase can view our current stock holdings and positions, including other positions not entered using smallcase ?

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Yes, They can.
That’s why they are asking for your permission.

It’s Just Like when You download any application in your smartphone, App ask for your permission to see your contact & Location in Background App Access your contact details as well as Your current location and also some app track your browser history like, what types of website you visit what type of Videos you watch.
It’s totally create a Digital ID of your Likes and Dislikes.
And company share this data with each others to find patterns in Product and services.