Problem in Understanding Zerodha

HI,i have recently opened account with zerodha and i have some problems which are listed below:- 1. If i add funds from bank it comes under pay in and also under margin available?
2.what is actually margin used,is the used amount for buying shares?
3.What is account value actually?
4.I have two stocks in holdings which i have already exit(sold) yesterday,it is still showing under my holdings today with 0 quantity,how to remove them from holdings?
5.Why am i able to buy as many shares in MIS even though i have very low margin,or the margin has already been used in buying stocks still i can buy shares in MIS in any quantity.
6.Sometimes even after i buy shares my margin available still remains same.
If there is a tutorial for all of this types of problems in web or video kindly say me

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Yes, when you add funds from your bank account using the payin option on Kite, this amount reflects under payin column in the Kite funds page… It also gets added to the margin available to trade.

Margin used has many elements to it depending on the kind of trades you execute. Margin used will be positive if there is a debit of money from your account and margin used will be negative if there is a credit of money to your account. The formula used in Kite is:

Margin available = Total account value + Margin used

I’ll list out the different elements in margin used in the hope of not confusing you:

  1. If you buy shares for holding, then funds are debited from your account. If you sell shares from holdings, then funds are credited to your account.
  2. If you take an intraday trade, then margin is used for this trade, funds are debited. When you close the intraday trade, then the blocked margin is released back into your account.
    If your intraday trade resulted in a profit, the profit is credited to your account. If it resulted in a loss, then the loss is debited from your account.
  3. If you take an F&O carry-forward trade, then margin is again used in your account.

[quote=“Kuldeep_Tudu, post:1, topic:20259”]

Total account value is your Ledger closing balance as of the previous day.

Once you sell shares from your Holdings, the stocks will be debited from your account at the end of the day and the holdings will not show in your account from the next day.

MIS is a leveraged product type with the validity of 1 day only, as in all your MIS positions have to be closed before 3.20pm on the same day. Depending on the stock, you get a margin of 3 times to 14 times for MIS trades.
This is the MIS margin multiplier list for Equity.

After you buy shares, it takes a bit for the margin to update in your account. You can visit the funds tab on Kite and you will see the correct margin available. It will also be updated on your dashboard after that.

Now that you know all of this, it’s not a problem anymore.


It is still available in my account even after 17 days of squaring off from my holdings, I created a ticket but they did not provide any satisfactory answer

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Can I have the ticket number, please.

Dear Ashish,

I did experience the same with another broker. Here is what I found.

There is something call negative holding at broker end. Even though you have sell all your stock, the broker will keep a record.

However a statement from DP provider (CDSL or NSDL) will give you your current holding which will not have the 0 quantity stock.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for replying :slightly_smiling_face:,
The issue has been resolved and holdings in my account are NIL
And I’m happy too because I made a profit of nearly 6% in those 17-18 days :grin: :grinning: :sweat_smile: due to those holdings in my account

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Hey pls help me maine 1025 ka profit kiya intradday m to sara tax nd all hokr profit bacha 1058 ye statements m show ho rha net settlement 1058 bacha to ye 2 days m aata h funds m still poora ni aaya srf 948 aaya aisa kyu kuch smjh hi nhi aa rha h or closing balance or jo hmara funds hota h wo alg alg kyu show hota ryt now mera 8123 h or closing balance 8423 show rha h kya prb h kuch ni smjh hi nhi aa rha previous day bhi muje 131 ka profit to kal holiday tha ab aj or kl m aana chahiye 131 wo pta ni kyu aaya no issue aa hi jaega but ye balance ka kyu issue h yr

Avi, if you’ve made intraday profit this will reflect in your Kite balance only when it is settled in T+2 working days in the equity segment and T+1 working day in the F&O segment, while it will continue to reflect in the Console ledger. This is why you are seeing a difference. You can learn more here.

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